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Loving, and not knowing the feelings of another person, you inspire yourself that you are indifferent to him, and you are afraid to be rejected and take the first step. But life goes on and, probably, there are no more stupidly spent days than waiting, fear and ignorance. The denouement came by itself. One weekend, a nightclub, Vanka on stage, an immense amount of alcohol in my body, a taxi. We rode in the back seat in the city at night, silently looked into each other's eyes, held hands, and everyone probably thought about his own, and it seemed that there was the end of the world around the bend. I wanted to die so much, there were tears in my eyes and a chain reaction in my head. No, this is not heaven, perhaps this is ordinary earthly life. A life in which there is no tomorrow, there was no yesterday, but there is only a moment of happiness. And it doesn't matter, I will give everything for this moment of silence, engine noise and rustling of tires. For this person, and further emptiness. The night has flown by. Gentle kisses, from which my head was spinning and I wanted to run, to run away from this crazy world into the wild jungle. The scent of love that makes every nerve in the brain dull the senses and feel the electric shocks rushing through the body. We merged into a single whole, and for the first time I made love, not sex. I entered it and felt how it accepts me, how our pulses beat at the same frequency, how our bodies, which had just cognized each other, were feverish when touched, and we dissolved. Lips covered with tender kisses every cell of the naked youthful body, and there was nothing more beautiful than words whispered in the ear. The warm breath made goosebumps run all over the body, and we were in a slight chill. I loved him. He loved me. Just one moment. And tomorrow never came. , His hands touched my waist, and I heard: "I didn't know when you would be back, so I followed you." Looking into deep green eyes, she clearly imagined what would happen now. He too.Not caring about anything, I watched as his head tilted towards me. Our lips met, and suddenly everything around disappeared, and as if something exploded inside. We came off only to unbutton each other's shirts. His tanned skin touched mine and "gave me a slow shiver." Seeking lips ran down my neck, then he pulled off my blouse. I pulled his shirt out of his trousers to give room to my arms. Strong hands explored my body, and then he lifted me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. .