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It's hard to surprise me with anything, ”I smiled and held out my hands to her. - Tell your story. Little he was so cute, affectionate. I smacked him on the cold nose and put him to bed on a mat. And then he got sick. I ran to the doctors, gave him injections. He whined so pitifully in his corner that I began to take him under my blanket. He got used to it and began to sleep with me even when he recovered. , Tanya told them that she was pregnant for two months already, for some reason they were very interested, they began vying to ask her about this interesting condition. Tatyana explained to them that any pregnancy is not a disease, but just such a state of a woman and all women need to experience the joy of motherhood in due time. But now she does not need to protect herself, but you can safely have sex and have fun.Having kissed Pavlik, who was sitting next to him, and laughing cheerfully at the sight of his stunned face, Tanya brought him completely into a stupor, saying that she could now give him a real adult woman to try. Well, otherwise, his pants will soon burst at the seams, look how his pussy stands violently, apparently like a stone has become. Vika opened her mouth wide, apparently stunned by such frank confessions, and Tanya, standing up, kissed her plump sweet lips with relish, at the same time again crushing her wonderful breasts a little. Then, seeing that Pasha was just on the verge of a nervous breakdown from wild excitement, she pulled down his tight boxers, his penis, jumping up like a spring-loaded one, stared at the sky almost vertically. Slightly, a sweet lady pulled this sturdy man by the hand, he was now ready to follow her to the end of the world, and they both soon lay side by side and passionately kissed. And Vika sighed sweetly next to her, opening her eyes wide and crushing her breasts. That's when Tanya took off her panties and hospitably spread her legs, pulling the boy by the long thin penis, he trembled all over, even his teeth rattled, dancing a ringing tarantella and, gasping loudly, as if before jumping from a tower, he almost in flight, he landed between the legs of a woman, deftly directing his own pin into the desired hole. Having famously attacked the coveted vagina of a mature woman and developing incredible speed, Pasha soon finished, but continued his frictions, then finished again. Inside Tatiana, hot sweetness spilled over and she also finished, apparently surprising both Pasha and Vika with her loud sweet moans. How pleased she was now! After lying on Tatyana and kissing her breasts sweetly, Pasha suddenly became aroused again, then slipped his hot palms under the soft buttocks of the young lady and passionately wrinkled them, continued his frictions, but this time he finished pretty quickly, which means youth! But Tatyana managed to drive him off with difficulty, so tightly he grabbed onto the object of his unexpected passion. It seems that today Tatiana made him a man, at the same time giving him incredible pleasure of getting several orgasms in a row. And she herself was delighted with such a wonderful start her vacation in the village! Having bathed together and completely naked, all three got dressed and ate all the goodies, Tatyana and brother and sister. Then they lay down on the bedspread, Vika put her head on Tatyana's stomach, as if listening to the child, which greatly amused her. Yes, then Pasha crawled and began to ask about the ass, because Tanya said that you can have a virgin in your mouth, but also in the ass. Putting Vika in a knee-elbow position, Tatyana began to show him, prompt and teach. At first, the brother caressed his sister's tight hole with his tongue, causing slight groans of pleasure, then Tanya lubricated this hole, longed for by her brother, with her hand cream, and Pasha began to move his finger in her ass, which his sister clearly liked. Tatyana went into the bushes, quietly murmuring, and when she returned, this nimble guy was already quietly moving in her sister's ass. She groaned and gasped loudly, insisted that she was in pain, but she stood in the same position and did not crawl away. But Pasha finished, with force pressing Vicky's elastic buttocks to himself and sweetly gasping. So they had to swim again! Well, after swimming, everyone began to gather at home, on the way they came to their senses after such enthusiasm and became friends, they chatted a little more. And what happy faces the brother and sister had! Vika unexpectedly thanked Tatiana for anal sex, it hurt a little, but it was such an incredible pleasure, she herself did not expect. Now she will always give Pavlik in the ass! Pasha almost jumped up, asking Tanya to come and tomorrow the guy liked to be with an adult lady. Vika said that in the fall Pasha was in the army, so she decided to fondle him before the service, especially since she was already considered an adult, and her older brother was suffering from this spermotoxicosis. After all, his girlfriend got married after graduating from college, and he suffers from the departure of his girlfriend and also from the lack of sex.She also asked Tanya to help her go through the defloration with the help of Pasha, otherwise some of the girls in the group laugh at her that she is virgin. Vika saw how it was pleasant for Tatyana to give Pasha in pussy and she wants it that way. Decided to do it. And one more thought from Tatiana, why shouldn't Pasha go to our university. There is also a military department, so if Pavlik is later taken into the army, he will become an officer. If anything, then his namesake, Tatyana's husband Pavel Ivanovich can help, he has connections there. Pashka was all on fire from these words, tenderly kissing Tatiana's hands and promising to make her Cooney! An agreement! And he caresses her ass with his tongue, only help me, he began to ask. Pasha then greatly surprised Tatyana, kneeling down and lifting the hem of the young lady's dress, kissed her legs above the knees. As it turned out, he really wants to study at the university and, if it is possible, to get a higher education! Saying goodbye near the outskirts of the village, they kissed hard, Tatyana praised Vika for helping her brother, and Pasha for her courage and passion, he gave the lovely lady wonderful pleasure. So we'll meet tomorrow at the same place. As in that TV show, the meeting place cannot be changed. " .