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<a href=http://www.lineyka.net/>http://www.lineyka.net/</a> In an effort to decorate the hall, it is important not to go beyond the reasonable, otherwise the space will be perceived as cluttered, and the gaze will not be able to focus on any one object, and this, as a result, will make the room not very convenient for a long stay.<br> It is very good when square meters allow you to place in the pantry and an ironing board that folds back. You can also use a small space for storing preserves. Some especially original people even try to build a work area - their own personal space, which will allow you to fully focus on their work.<br> How to buy for free There are many options. To begin with, remember: it is better to buy materials for apartment renovation in the cold season - the price is much lower. But summer is the construction season. In winter, you can stumble upon a 50% discount in building markets or the &quot;Buy 2, and 3 as a gift&quot; promotion! So you can buy the same wallpaper at a low price, but of a much better look and quality.<br> In fact, they will do everything that you have in mind, but save you from wasting time and puzzles hidden in the rules of apartment interior design. Mitina interior design pdf Cost estimate for office renovation example Photo apartment renovation simple We will save you time and nerves, reducing your costs for rework, finding optimal planning solutions, calculating the required amount of materials.<br> Many people have a wonderful innate sense of color - then feel free to experiment! If you are not sure of your coloristic talents, then it is better to limit yourself to one bright color, vary only the saturation - in the gradations of one shade you definitely cannot go wrong.<br> <a href=http://newsofsport.ru/boks/kyet-zingano-ne-tolko-ne-poluchila-dolg#comment-10169>How to choose a master to repair the apartment</a> 25354_3