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<a href=http://www.lineyka.net/>http://www.lineyka.net/</a> It is important not to forget about the observance of proportions for a comfortable organization of zoning. Purchase of building materials and furniture In our age of high technologies, it will not be difficult to select high-quality building materials of different price ranges.<br> Remember that any room, first of all, must be functional. But there is no need to overload the premises with unnecessary furniture and unnecessary interior items - this will create an impression of bulkiness. Good luck with the renovation, and remember - everything is in your hands! All materials in the heading: Designer apartment renovation: what is meant by it? Designer renovation of the living room Somehow it just so happened that the concept of European-quality renovation included tiled bathrooms, suspended, preferably multi-level or stretch ceilings and laminated floors.<br> Also a good idea would be a classic interior - the personification of a fortress house, a place where you can always hide from the outside world. Freelancers and people working remotely, on the contrary, need constant inspiration: you should add bright colors, catchy elements to the interior and, of course, think over the workplace.<br> She told what kind of work the young family did on their own, and showed how their housing had changed in 2.5 months. Marina says that earlier she and her husband and two young children lived in a one-room apartment on Angarskaya, and in August 2020 they bought a two-room apartment in Zeleny Meadow. &mdash; When we got the keys, there was no limit to happiness.<br> How to renovate a small bedroom: tips for beginners As all the ideas for future transformations have been considered, you can safely move on to practical implementation. First of all, you need to create a second tier. From a functional point of view, in the room, it will help to optimize the available space.<br> <a href=http://www.0909kuruma.com/mb/tokyo/kuchikomi/confirm.php?sid=9f68185a9b34459dd6a1618a51a933a0>How to choose a master to repair the apartment</a> 48eaa0d